Welcome to Silvermead

For more than 33 years Silvermead Residential Home has been under the same ownership, offering high quality support for people with a learning difficulty, such as Autism, Epilepsy and sensory loss, as well as individuals with multiple disabilities. We pride ourselves on a stable home environment, encouraging a healthy diet and participation in the running of the home.

Our aim is for everyone to meet their goals and aspirations and to live a full and enjoyable life.

We have been very successful with individuals at the end of life, allowing dignity and support to all parties, working closely with St Lukes hospice , the local learning disability nurse and the community nurses.

We specialise in, and have had a lot of positive feedback from social services and family on reducing challenging behaviours by offering a safe and consistent environment for people  to manage their own behaviours better.

Silvermead is not part of a large chain, we are a small residential home for 13 people, 4 of our rooms are outside of the main house, allowing a little more independence for those who need it.   Everyone is encouraged to take part in the preparation of food to be shared with all the housemates, as well as taking care of their own surroundings and room.

Silvermead has a big well kept garden with plenty of outdoor space for activities and events.